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About Samraz

I am Samin from Iran and I started my make-up professionally in 2006 and with a lot of effort I managed to get the following documents in the field of make-up.Bachelor’degree program in Professional Make-up at Culture and Artistic Applied -Scientific Training Center. Teheran, Iran 2015work as a makeup artist in Giva beauty salon from 2010 to 2014work as a makeup artist in my beauty salon 2014 to 2018General Design Certificate Noandishan Aria Kohan Makeups School. Teheran, Iran 2010 National Vocational Certificate in Masking, tehran. iran 2010 Figure Drawing and Artificial Hair Iran tehran 2010 master class for makeup 2 week in Gasi University. Ankara, Turkey 2006Cinematic Activities Development and Programming Training Course Certification. Teheran, 2006And I have been living in Greece since 2018 and I have figured out new developments in this field and I am proud tocollaboration with greec fashion designer Maria Bartzoka (makeup)April 2021 collaboration with greece Artist and Journalist Anna Zirdeli (makeup) 31 murch 2021 start personal studio 2020may as a freelance makeup artist interview with one of use magazine , fasion and beauty 21 april 2021 i have instagram and fb with 100 post of my model interview with efsyn.

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